Argus – Lithium 20180629 white paper on Li pricing


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This is an informative paper on the recent performance of Li product pricing, and discussion of drivers.

The lithium minerals lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide and lithium cobalt oxide have come to greater attention as key minerals in Li-ion batteries, which in turn have a strong growth outlook particularly for electric vehicles (EVs).

Use this link to download the Argus white-paper on lithium

Prices have grown significantly, production has grown significantly, and importantly teh number of suppliers and (raw material) sources have increased.

It is always difficult to forecast growth, particularly strong growth.  In this instance strong growth in demand (from EV production outlook) and in (new mine) supply.  Issues are normally with rate of growth and time-frames.  To have strong supply growth and strong demand growth match, is rare.  Price outlook will naturally be fairly volatile in the near to medium term.


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