The Global EV Outlook 201706


The Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2017   2 Million and Counting


New registrations of electric cars1 hit a new record in 2016, with over 750 thousand sales worldwide. With a 29% market share,2 Norway has incontestably achieved the most successful deployment of electric cars in terms of market share, globally. It is followed by the Netherlands, with a 6.4% electric car market share, and Sweden with 3.4%. The People’s Republic of China (hereafter, “China”), France and the United Kingdom all have electric car market shares close to 1.5%. In 2016, China was by far the largest electric car market, accounting for more than 40% of the electric cars sold in the world and more than double the amount sold in the United States.

The global electric car stock surpassed 2 million vehicles in 2016 after crossing the 1 million threshold in 2015


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